6 Marketing Tips for online cannabis stores

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Many people try to go to the top with your cannabis store online. But only a small number of these entrepreneurs explote the 100% the value of your shop. 

If you search for tips and ideas to grow your shop, sell more and make more money, read the line because here you have great information to go to the next level with your store. 


1 – Make the difference with your competition. 

You brand needs an original identity in addition is necessary play with some techniques  for  go to the next level. 

For example you can make a ranking  with your products more sell.  You can make different offers and promote the product.

All along with a dash of personality is perfect  for your shop. Remember that the personality of your store  can give to you the  connection with you customers that you search.


2 – Power SEO. 

For any  online store  needs a power SEO, because many people search products online and if you store have a good position in the online search engines you can make more deals. For have a power SEO is necessary the next point: 

a – Create a website with the contact information, hour of attention, connect your social networks as Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook with the web of the shop. 

b – Create content of high quality for your customers. Your client can understand your business and know the products of your shop, if you show good information. Today the cannabis community appreciates the information with a high value. 

c –  Use the different directories as Lealfly, Weedmaps or Jane for show your job and make partners for collaboration as GrowDiaries, Seedfinder, Weedtube,  to move new social networks and have a big connection with your potential customers. 


3 – Experiment. 

Experiment different techniques in the social media for your customers. The people follow to stores that have creativity concepts and fresh ideas. Play with influencers, cannabis enthusiasts  and others to grow your community and show your brand.

The web of your store needs different updates and offers good navigation, friendly with the client and easy to use. 



4 – More than Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok. 

Many stores around the world suffer from the block of the typical social networks such as Facebook, instagram or Tik Tok, because this platform has a strong political restriction   for users.

If you don’t like feel frustrated, use social networks specialist to the cannabis as 

MassRoots, Weedable, LeafWire, Joint Budz, Bud Hudz, MJ Mary Jane, etc.  

5 – Segment your audience 

When you start with your store it is normal  that you think sell to all the people, but this is impossible. 

Is important to know your customers, to have a segment that follows and buying in  your shop.

The metrics of the different software such as Sum Rush or the statistics of the social networks are important for know what are the people that follow and buy in the shop. 

You can make classification by the age, nationality, sex or genre, etc,  if you have a good segment   study to you clients and make a goos analysis. 

6- Digital Advertising in platforms of the  cannabis market. 

The people  know that platforms such as Instagram or Facebook put a prohibition on the advertising of cannabis stores. 

If you like to make good advertising use other platforms to show you products and brands.

For example in Adistry, help you with the conversion of clients, this platform  supports you business with  the latest technology, because it offers digital inventory for your shop, tools inside of a digital media kit and a complete system for managing campaigns in one place. 

With these tips you  have a new vision about advertising and  how to work in the digital area with you online cannabis store. Explore the different alternatives because more of one this tips can help you with your  online store of cannabis. 

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