6 sites to find free Cannabis photos and video.

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When you search photos and videos of cannabis you will probably find the same content every time. In this post you can know 6 different banks of cannabis photos and videos completely free.

Every photo bank of this list, has different qualities and content, by this you can make a great bank of content if you check every one of this recommendation.

Good luck in your hunting of photos and videos of free cannabis content, and enjoy this post.




Pexels is great site for the people that search free, new and fresh cannabis photos. 

The gallery of Pixeles has a big variety of photos as beautiful buds, Medical Oil Cannabis, amazing plants, edibles, etc. 

Pixeles is super Easy for use and has a central seeker in the top area, here you can search what to want. 

You can follow to you favorite members, and watch all the material that this user, upload to the community, photos and videos are completely free, if you like, you can share and exchange you image and videos of weed with other members of Pixeles. 

Pixeles is not only a bank of photos and videos of cannabis, it also is a platform where the people can support challenges of different types. 

The Challenge of Pixeles helps to different initiatives and in every case, the members of the community of Pixels, upload photos and make money to every initiative.




Unsplash is a community with great cannabis fans that share the photos of your favorite plant. At this moment unsplash has more of 500 photos, 16 users in the cannabis area and more of 270 collections of weed. 

All the photos on Unsplash are completely free, with this you can make a biggest library of cannabis photos. 

If you like, select a specific topic with the tag, you can select between Marijuana, Weed, Green Leaf, Flower, etc. 

Unsplash was founded in 2013 as a humble Tumblr blog. By the biggest growing, today Unsplash is one of the monster photo banks with free wallpapers, collections and a fine selection by topics such as Fashion, Business, Travel, etc.




PIXABAY is a paradise to the cannabis lover, because this photo bank has many pictures 100% free, illustration, videos, music and vector graphics. 

On the other side, Pixabay has a different function at the moment of select to the material. For example you select colors as Green, Blue Yellow, Red, etc. And you have photos with background or where the selected color is dominant. 

Another special function of Pixabay is the size of the photos, because you can select photos with a specific size as you like. The orientation of the pics is great, you can choose pics in vertical or horizontal. 

In this moment Pixabay has more than 500 photos of cannabis and every day this number increases. One point that is amazing is the area of “Cameras” where you can have many different type of cameras by model and brand and every cam and each camera take you to a selection of photos that were taken with it. 

Don’t forget the opportunity to have great cannabis photos 100% free and enjoy your love by the plant with Pixabay.




Flickr is the bank of photos with the most biggest free cannabis content. At this moment Flickr has more than 160.000 photos and more than 1000 videos absolutely free. 

One of the important points of Flickr is the protection of the right to the photographer and creator of content. In the licenses tab you can select between photos that are allowed for commercial use, others that are allowed for commercial use and make modifications, among other options. 

When you choose a cannabis photo in Flickr you can select if it has a structure of square, landscape, portrait or panorama and a size small, medium or giant. 

If you have a favorite cannabis content creator and you follow their work, you select the image or video based on the date the content was uploaded. 

The Flickr gallery is so abundant that you can find a large number of content, be it plants, weed flower or cannabis extract, such as bho, wax, among others. 

Perhaps Flickr will become one of your favorite places to haveyour best cannabis photos, after you try it for the first time.




Freepik is a platform full of cannabis photos, in its stock it has more than 5000 images. 

The images in Freepik are of plants, flowers, and there are a lot of informative images with graphics, specifically of medical cannabis. This community has many illustrations of weed, if you need to make some presentation or similar job. 

With the tags on the web you can select CBD, Marihuana recreational, Oil Cannabis, etc. 

If you search images of educational content about cannabis, Freepik is perfect for you, because it has a big number of graphics and vectors about medical cannabis.




Pinterest is the monster of photos today. This community has hundreds of thousands of photos and every content you can track with the tag, the great of this is that pinterest has specific tag for the cannabis lovers. Tag as, growers, indoor growing, outdoor growing, package design, etc. 

The variety of content in Pinterest is super big, inclusive has a special space to the cannabis tattoo. The community of pinterest is very active and every moment uploads, more and more content of cannabis, it may be one of the most incredible places to select photos. 

In the section of videos on Pinterest, you can watch many videos of cannabis and the members show content of, how germinate seeds, how to make extraction of cannabis and how to make edibles with cannabis. 

Medical cannabis has a wonderful space in Pinterest, because the user shares with the community many information about medical cannabis and shows to the world the big value and power of medical cannabis. 

When you need any photo, video or information about cannabis do not hesitate to visit Pinterest, this is the place in your cannabis world.

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