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Meet The Team

Meet the team and know what they do and love!

Nicole Dixon

Founder, CEO, Photographer

Typical creator. Bacon guru. Zombie advocate. Gamer. Social media fanatic. Student.

Dylan Moore


Travel junkie. Wannabe gamer. Communicator. Troublemaker. Food guru. Web fan.

Alexandrine Rath

Digital Marketer

Hipster-friendly food scholar. Certified pop culture specialist. Bacon geek. Coffee trailblazer.

Mathew Hyatt

Social Media Marketer

Friend of animals everywhere. Hardcore internet enthusiast. Incurable beer fanatic. Reader.

Cesar Slattery


Typical thinker. Incurable tv geek. Explorer. Friend of animals everywhere. Entrepreneur.

Will Marvin


Gamer. Friendly tv fanatic. Internet advocate. Alcohol trailblazer. Devoted troublemaker.

Toby Halvorson

Lead Photographer

Evil internet fanatic. Organizer. Bacon geek. Thinker. Wannabe zombie fanatic.

Stephan Parker

Junior Photographer

Evil pop culture evangelist. Music geek. Troublemaker. Unapologetic tv nerd. Explorer.

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