How to enhance your cannabis strains product pages?

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We see incomplete online cannabis stores all the time. We also see stores that do not meet our needs as customers and that occurs mainly due to carelessness or ignorance on the part of the people who manage the sites.

Because of that is that here we share 6 tips for strains how to have a better website and How to enhance your cannabis strains product pages.


1 – Use a close language with your client. 

It is important to have a common language with the customer in order to facilitate the search for the product and for search engines to find that product more quickly and easily.

For example, if in your store you have super recognized varieties of marijuana such as Grand Daddy Purple, Gelato or Moby Dick, the customer who enters your website and looks for that product they want will be able to find it in a better way.

Use a friendly and close language with the client, avoid using too many technical terms, since not all your clients are cannabis experts like you.


2 – Answer your customers’ questions without being asked.

IF the products on your website have good descriptions with reliable content and accurate data, you will have a website where each product you present will be attractive to each of your customers.

Always try to deliver quality information, detailed and as deep but at the same time simple as possible, so that it can also be understood by your client.

For example, there are some typical questions among cannabis enthusiasts.

 In the case of weed genetics we can find questions such as:

Is this strain more sativa, indica or hybrid?

Is cannabis genetics feminized or autoflowering?

What level of THC or CBD does this strain have?

What flavors does this cannabis strain have?

How is the effect of this weed?

If you develop content in your store that covers each of the points and details previously exposed, you will surely answer each of your customers’ questions and they will be encouraged to buy.



3 – Manage an easy to navigate website with URLs that simplify the work of search engines.

Today search engines are the kings when positioning an online store, so if your website has good URLs it is more likely that both the products of your store, as well as your store, appear easily in the searches of potential customers.

If your website is easy to navigate and customer-friendly, it will make people’s experience a much better experience.

This will allow you, for example: to keep people on your website for more time, that people love your store and like browsing through it.


4 – It is important to know the keywords and use them

As we said in the previous point, search engines today are fundamental, that is why if you use the keywords correctly in your online store, you will achieve that your store is found in a search such as Google or that your customers find a product specific.

Keywords today represent a good part of SEO, therefore it is good that you do a preliminary study to know what your keywords are and also to understand how and when to use them.

Keywords can be used at different points on your website, for example in the URL, it can also be in the titles of the texts of your blog, in the body of the descriptions of the products of your store, in the names of the photos of your saved files, etc.



5- Use of multimedia material

The use of multimedia and interactive material today is essential because this way you can better connect the customer with your store and with the product you sell.

Using high-quality photos, creating educational and informative articles, using videos where you explain the qualities of each product, are a necessary resource when offering a product and trying to locate a store at the top.

Each content must have the ability to make the store attractive and also each product you want to sell, and it must also be functional, that is, it must load the web quickly and have great fluidity, so that the customer feels that they are living a great experience.


6-  Use email marketing technique

The well-known newsletters are a very valid means to be able to distribute content from your website to potential clients.

Another way is to use your blog, distributing its contents through emails.

Multimedia content such as videos and photos can also be distributed with email marketing campaigns.

People in general feel great motivation to receive videos in their emails, therefore this resource can greatly enhance your website.

The purpose of these tips is that potential customers who will visit your website, keep browsing within it for as long as possible. For the same reason, if you develop a good store, you can convert more customers, that is, sell more products.



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