How to enhance your marijuana seeds catalog?

in Cannabis


1- Create attractive content on your website.

Create a bet with the content on your website. It is said that an image says more than a thousand words for the same reason, the images in your catalog must be of high quality.

 If you develop videos where the cannabis strains in your catalog are presented, try to make natural and quality content that highlights the genetics you are promoting.

Develop a blog on your website where you can show the varieties of cannabis that you have for sale from another perspective. For example, you can write about the medicinal benefits of a certain variety or you can also tell your clients how to use that cannabis to have a good trip.



2- Inspire your followers and customers. Build a community focused on your brand.

Your online store and your website are a business, that does not mean that you should distance yourself from your customers or followers.

On the contrary, you must work to create a community around your brand, where your clients and followers have a main role, where they can express their ideas, visions, and feelings.

Dedicate some of your time to speak with your audience and thus consolidate a community, where each person feels that they are important to the brand.

If you know your audience, you will know how to enhance the catalog of cannabis seeds that you have, since it will be the community that will tell you if they like more sativa or indica, autoflowering, or feminized varieties, etc.



3- Analyze what your competition does.

If you do an analysis of what your competition is doing, you will be able to know how they are working and where they are focusing their efforts.

For example: If several brands in their catalogs have added Fast Version genetics, it means that within the market this type of variety will begin to be a trend, for the same reason you should know that it is good to have some genetics of the type Fast Version.

Al analizar tu competencia también fijate como ellos promocionan  las semillas de  cannabis de su catálogo. Muchas empresas trabajan a través de las redes sociales con influencers, otros enganchan sus redes a la web de  la marca respectiva,  algunas marcas crean eventos especiales para así darse a conocer y promocionar sus variedades, etc.



4- Provide accurate and complete information on the genetics of your catalog

This point is of vital importance since patients are always wanting to have the most accurate and complete information on the genetics that are of interest to them.

That is why it is important that each text of each of the varieties in your catalog has the basic descriptions such as: If the% sativity is more sativa or if it is more, it indicates the% of that variety.

Another important point in the description is to describe in detail the terpenes and flavors of the varieties that are for sale, as well as the flowering times, the number of flowers that the gardener can obtain, among other details.

If we add more in-depth details to all this generic information such as what PH or EC levels the plant accepts or under what type of crop it responds to best (Scrog, Sog, etc.) we can deliver a small treasure to customers interested in our seeds.

Your clients will appreciate it if you add information such as the genetic line of the variety. For example, if the clone of a plant from a recognized grower in the field was used, it is good to detail that the seeds that are sold come from a cross of the clone of that respected person. With this, a degree of seriousness is given to the seeds in the catalog and a customer endorsement is provided.


5- Use social networks specific to your cannabis niche

Today there are a large number of social networks and digital platforms dedicated exclusively to cannabis.

If you work on the main social networks focused on the cannabis world and especially on your seed catalog, you will have the possibility of exposing your genetics to many more people.

That massification that your brand needs to go to the next level can be in these spaces of the cannabis niche, since here you can interact with people, show the genetics of your catalog and also carry out various SEO hacks, to bring traffic to your website or social networks.

Some of the main current social networks are:


Here you can put reviews of the flowers and products obtained from the seeds of your catalog.

Grow Diaries:

In this network, growers from all over the world show their crop cycles. You can also be part of this network, teaching community members the genetics of your catalog.


This is one of the most classic platforms and is characterized by having details such as the genetic trees of the different genetics available in its database. The growers and the people who test the varieties can leave information about the genetics such as taste, smell, effects, grams obtained at harvest, etc.

Displaying your catalog in Seedfinder can be a good move if you focus your work on massifying your catalog.

We hope that these tips will help you enhance and improve your cannabis seed catalog so that you can obtain the results you want.

From here we wish you the greatest of success and abundant harvests full of flowers.